Welcome to Milwaukee Limos

Milwaukee is a city that doesn't slack when it comes to having fun. That's why there's always something interesting to see or experience! Be sure to enjoy Milwaukee to the fullest while you're here by visiting all of the amazing gems in an updated limousine. With Milwaukee Party Bus, you'll always have a great time with a smile on your face!

Having a limo or a limo bus pays for itself in the experience you have. Besides all the amenities you can enjoy, it allows you to spend more time with your friends and family. Without a bus or a limo, everyone would have to travel in seperate cars or squishing into taxis. There's always a chance that someone gets left out because the group spilts into smaller groups. With a bus, everyone can go together. Between stops, the party doesn't have to stop. You can continue drinking and dancing because your group doesn't have to worry about driving.

Your chauffeur will be the one to worry about everything involved with driving: traffic, parking, drop off/pick up spots. They also allow for everyone to enjoy drinks. Without a chauffeur and a bus, you'd have to have a designated driver. The chauffeur will make sure that everyone is transported safe and on time. They are professional drivers who have many years of experience. They plan the route of your event time beforehand so they know the best roads. They also have a GPS on them at all times in case you want to add a last minute stop or something unexpected happens. You are in safe hands with our drivers.

Limousines and limo buses allow you to enjoy your event fully by getting rid of all of the tiny inconveniences that ultimately add up. Things like horrible traffic, parking, finding directions, getting a designated driver, and trying to get a whole group in one spot can prove to be difficult to deal with. However, when you rent a limousine or limo bus from Milwaukee Party Bus, you'll never have to worry about things like this! Be sure to give us a call when you're ready to reserve a vehicle.

Latest Vehicles
  • 25 Passenger Limo Bus
  • Try out your moves on the stripper pole!
  • Enjoy the bar areas, it even comes with the kitchen sink!
  • Dark tinted windows ensure complete privacy.
Popular Events
  • Weddings
    You want your wedding to be perfect, and luxury transportation is an important part of that!
  • Sporting events
    Head to Miller Park to watch the Brewers, or head out to Bucks or Admirals games.
  • Concerts
    Whether you're going to the Miramar, The Rave, or smaller venues, travel like you're the rock star.
  • Birthday parties
    All ages can celebrate an unforgettable birthday with us!
  • Bar hopping
    A designated driver plus a party bus is the best way to enjoy a night out!